Jozi Book FairWe will be screening a few films at the upcoming Jozi Book Fair in September – watch this space for details about which films!
Your name in lights!!!! Call for Extras in our Film – see our post here!
At last… it’s here… Africa’s first, dedicated LGBT TV network… CloseTV
To find out more and how to win an iPad, click here.

Welcome to the first outing of our 21st year! With the support of the National Film & Video Foundation, the Goethe Institut, our new screening partner Cinema Nouveau, our loyal 8333 members, and our delightful sponsors – Graton Guest House, 6 Spin Street Restaurant (who have both been with us 4eva), the 700 MySchool contributors, we are able to hold this 5 day outing.

We welcome our guest, Jan Soldat, who travels courtesy of the Goethe Institut.

Courtesy of Cinema Nouveau we shall be screening, as a special opening event that includes free popcorn and a cold drink, Kill Your Darlings. This film will have its theatrical release after the Festival.

With funding from the NLDTF, OIA has been hard at work on its Omnibus Feature Film production – the script is near completion and we are heading into pre-production – check our website for updates!

Thank you for your ongoing support of the Film Festival – we hope you enjoy our latest offering.

Best wishes

We are delighted to pass on this message from Justice Edwin Cameron who seeks your support for OUT IN AFRICA’s MySchool MyVillage MyPlanet fundraising initiative.

“My appeal to you is to include OIA as your preferred charity. There are many causes competing for our compassion and money – but there is no one who will take care of LGBTIQ people if not you.”

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DVDs for sale! Go to our online shop: shop.oia.co.za

Omnibus Feature Film Project

The Staff and Board of the Out In Africa South African Gay & Lesbian Film Festival are pleased to announce that a proposal, submitted in April 2011, for the making of a feature film has received approval from the National Lottery Distribution Trust Fund.

The feature film, currently referred to as the Omnibus includes multiple protagonists and a number of thematically linked plots. This style is also referred to as a “Parallel Narrative” and describes titles such as Babel, 21 Grams and Traffic.

Read more here: Omnibus Feature Film Project