Save on your tax bill

Out In Africa is now registered as a Public Benefit Organisation (PBO) with an 18A Tax Exemption status. This means that your donation to OIA is tax deductible (Tax Act 58 of 1962) – you give us money, we give you a certificate, and the taxman gives you a break!

Here’s a basic sample calculation:
Annual taxable income: R120,000.00
Tax payable: R 10,845.00

Annual taxable income: R120,000.00
OIA donation: R 240.00
Taxable income: R119,760.00
Tax payable: R 10,801.00
Your saving: R 44.00

We know it’s small, but every penny counts! The more you give (not exceeding 10% of your taxable income) the more you get back.

This is a heartfelt plea to those of you who enjoy the Festival and who would like to attend such gatherings in future to “own” the Festival.

We need a minimum of R3,000,000 (three million Rand) a year to achieve all the annual activities we have planned. A million bucks isn’t, well, shouldn’t be, all that hard to raise. We began this a few years ago using the simple equation of dividing 1 million by 120 (being a donation of R10 for a year) and arriving at 8333. We have had a modicum of success. Now we have upped the ante and are asking for R240 a year and so the new equation is: 4166 people donate R20 a month (R240 a year) and we’ll have R1,000,000.

We think that 8333 is catchier, more memorable, than 4166, so we’ve kept the name.

Spare what you can, but a R60 monthly donation from every Festival-goer will fund the entire Festival next year.

There are a number of ways you can help us…

  • Becoming a Corporate Sponsor
  • Buying advertising space in our programmes

Please contact us if you would like to become a corporate sponsor.

Remember to keep an eye on your email for 8333 giveaways and special offers for our loyal 8333 members.

Donating by credit card or PayPal

Now that PayPal has come to South Africa, we can accept donations from credit cards (via PayPal) or directly from your PayPal account at our online store (for our foreign fans). South Africans paying by PayPal or credit card – don’t be alarmed, it will convert to US$ at the current exchange rate. You can fill in your own amount if you want to donate more… You can also make a once-off donation by EFT/direct deposit – see our Debit Order section for bank details.

Online Store

Our online store is at http://shop.oia.co.za. Here, you’ll find all sorts of memorabilia, t-shirts, posters, DVDs, etc from our previous years. Subscribe to the RSS feed, because we are adding more items all the time.

Debit orders and direct deposits/EFTs

You can donate by debit order or direct deposit/EFT into our bank account. For debit orders, you can specify monthly, quarterly or annual contributions. Download the .DOC or the .PDF, fill it in and email (carol@oia.co.za), fax (021) 461 4062 or post back to us. Please do let us know if you’ve set up a debit order, or have made a deposit so that we can check that we actually receive the funds. These things sometimes do go awry.

If you need a PDF reader that also allows you to edit PDFs, our tech-girl recommends Foxit Reader — its much more lightweight than Adobe Acrobat, its free, and it’s availabe for Windows, Linux, PDAs and smartphones.

Our banking details are as follows:
Bank: Standard Bank
Branch Code: 020009
Account Number: 070 034 842
Please Quote Reference: Your full name & 8333

Please remember to quote your full name and “8333” in the reference block, as we do not receive your personal details from the remitting bank.

Lifetime 8333 Membership

A minimum donation of R2 000 will earn you our undying gratitude and a Lifetime Membership to our 8333 Programme. You will also be given preferential invites to special events like our Opening Nights and other Invite-only events.

You will be supporting:
  • 3 Main Festivals in Jhb and CT: three 9-day festivals showing approx 30 features and many great shorts…
  • multiple Satellite Festivals: we’ve been to Bloemfontein, George, Grahamstown, Pretoria, Potchefstroom, Ermelo, Kimberley and Pietermaritzburg.
  • a Filmmaking workshop: ensuring that South African queer films, no matter how short, are made. Since 2004 we have had 4 workshops and have produced 20 short films of varying length. All of these films have travelled the world, screening at G&L and alternative film festivals.
  • the Video Suitcase: delivering queer films on VHS and DVD to communities and countries where no queer literature is available and where, more often than not, queers are punished for their sexual orientation.

Better than any bank – we are inspired and motivated, and with more money we’ll go further, faster.