Heartbeats (2)

Directed by and starring Canadian wizzkid Xavier Dolan (I Killed My Mother), this love triangle twist, winner of the 2011 Cannes Regard Jeunes, is about a fag, his hag and the boy they both want. A brill soundtrack includes Dalida’s version of Bang Bang… Delightful, playful cinema.

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Breaking Out of the Box

Breaking Out The Box

Buhli Msibi’s poem I Break the Boxes provides the title for this wide-ranging, touching, often funny documentary highlighting the lives of black lesbians in SA. The title is appropriate; by telling the tales of six high profile women, the sheer breadth of experience in the black lesbian community is revealed.

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It Gets Better

It Gets Better is a global video campaign targeting sexual minorities who experience discrimination in secondary schools and beyond. In 2011, a small group of University of Cape Town students and staff teamed up with civil society and celebrities to create some of South Africa’s first It Gets Better videos. The team, ranging from Desmond […]

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Oscar-nominated James Franco (Milk) stars as Beat Generation poet and Pulitzer Prize-nominee Allan Ginsberg during the infamous public indecency trial of his seminal poem “Howl”. This 2010 Sundance opener, Grand Jury Prize and Berlinale Golden Bear nominee also stars Mary Louise Parker, Jon Hamm, Jeff Daniels and David Strathairn.

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A sparkling, sexy little film, not all it seems to be and yet so much more, with top-drawer acting and production values.

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Going Down in La-La Land

5_Matthew Ludwinski (Adam) & Allison Lane (Candy)

Hot, talented Adam heads to Hollywood to act, it’s hard and the porn industry beckons. It’s a fun, campy journey through the underworld of gay Hollywood, closeted producers, sleazy directors, has-been femme fatales and, gorgeous buff boys, and love…

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Gun Hill Road

GHR2 Original

Nominated for the Grand Jury Prize at this year’s Sundance Film Festival this film is a powerhouse of extraordinary performances and well-wrought scenarios, stirring up a cauldron of sensitivities – masculinity, manhood, compromise, hypocrisies – and the discovery of self and holding true to that whatever the cost. Unmissable.

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Heart Breaks Open


We know there’s “AIDS fatigue”, but this gritty ‘reality-check’ flick refocuses attention on the consequences of casual, unprotected sex in an era where HIV is no longer as visible as it once was.

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Room in Rome

Room in Rome 2

Take two good-looking looking-for-love women and put them alone in a room in Rome… typical of the lesbians there is dialogue, though charmingly delivered in English by the Spanish and Russian actresses, and fortunately without clothes on… A lezfliek like no other.

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This Sundance 2011 Opening Night feature, Grand Jury Prize nominee and Cinematography Award winner is an accomplished coming-out tale with a difference, and a great contemporary soundtrack. Director Rees is a guest of the Festival.

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Whisper Not

richard mukuka pic

As the title suggests, the film is all about speaking up – no whispers, just great tales of love, lust, sex, triumph, fun, laughter and change. Courtesy of the filmmakers and STEPS.

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Fuck Buddies


Arguably the gem of the festival, Carrillo’s brilliant little moment in time plays out in a parked car, as two strangers get ready to have a quickie in the back seat. It’s not farce – but farcical – not preachy – but illuminating – and very, very funny. You’ll want to own it.

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The Adonis Factor

Adonis Factor Landscape

A muscle-laden look at the world of gay beefcake and why we love (and hate) it. A cast of hundreds discuss, dissect and diss the world of buff boys, chic thin, bears and all they hold dear … and the roots, stress, addiction and consequences of body obsession.

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