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Details: | 2010 | 80 min
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If 2009’s Brit gang fliek Shank left you impressed but in need of a stiff triple, then here’s more, only with ice and some mix; writers Flaxstone & Martin’s appealing street edginess without the traumatising klap. This time the duo takes on yet another yoof topic de jour—online sex—but typically make it trendy, sexy and not a little bit naughty. Seb and Aaron, though happily in love, are feeling the recession bite and to make ends meet, the ever-inventive Aaron decides to install a hidden camera in the bedroom and charge for watching their love-making. Things go well and the bucks start rolling in. Only thing is, Seb isn’t in on the plan.

It’s by turns camp, funny, pithy and intriguing, offering up typical Flaxstone & Martin questions about commitment, boundaries, fashion and peer pressure. Light but engaging cinema perfect for the buff boys and their entourages.

Best Script – Festival del Sol 2011


Best Script – Festival del Sol 2011

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