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Details: | 2011 | 94 min
SynopsisRomeos-6Bernardi’s trendy, unconventional debut feature is a must-see. German teen Lukas, a boy with a big secret, checks into a hostel for his obligatory community service year. It’s an environment that throws up all sorts of intriguing scenarios and challenges, not least of which is romance, and Lukas must think on his feet as he works out levels of disclosure, intimacy, body issues and just exactly who he is – and isn’t. With him in the hostel is childhood pal Ine, and a host of nice and not-so-nice teens, as intent as any to get laid, party and have a good time.

There’s no preaching here and even less voyeuristic gawping – just a very contemporary take on the issues facing teens in the modern world. Yet despite the edgy filmmaking and the concerted effort to tell a good story, Bernardi is making a point – she goes to some lengths to dispel typical myths and challenges assumptions about teens like Lukas. That Lukas falls for a guy, the gorgeous OCD party animal Fabio, lends an interesting twist to the whole fluid-sexuality debate. Handsome Rick Okon does a fine job in the lead role. Look out too for a very special moment as famed counter tenor Andreas Scholl sings the sublime, haunting Wayfaring Stranger torch song to a room full of queers.
Must-see cinema.

Courtesy of the Goethe Institut



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  • Felix Brocke
  • Gilles Tschuli
  • Johannes Schwab
  • Liv Lisa Fries
  • Maximilian Befort
  • Rick Okon
  • Sigrid Burkholder
  • Silke Geertz
  • Tessa Lukat